Non surgical Solutions for Improved Appearance, Firmness and Self-Confidence

Although this used to be a subject not liable for common discussion, many women are not happy with the size, shape or tightness of their labia—the skin or `lips` around the outer portion of the vagina, known as the vulva. The inner labia (labia minora) or outer labia (labia majora) are liable for stretching and looseness after childbirth. Also, some women may have the complaint of quite large labia that frequently get tugged, especially while doing sports or with snugly-fitting clothing, and thus causes discomfort or pain or may induce painful intimate acts.

Being self-conscious about labial appearance can cause a great deal of stress for any woman, it may negatively impact her enjoyment of healthy intimate relationships and accordingly, her self-image.

Nowadays, labial and vulval rejuvenation has become an increasingly popular topic of interest all over the world with more and more women taking control of their appearance and femininity.



Childbirth causes the skin and muscles of the vagina and labia to stretch, which can mean laxity and looseness of the skin and tissue surrounding the vaginal opening. Some tissue never fully regains pre-delivery firmness, tightness and appearance.

Moreover, aging process and menopause cause a drop in estrogen which decreases collagen production leading to loose, sagging labial skin. Also the color will not be rosy anymore due to reduction of blood flow. There will be a reduction in volume due to shrinkage of the adipose tissue and reduction of elasticity and hydration.


Our non-surgical, advanced solutions provide results that can significantly impact women’s lives and give them a renewed sense of confidence. In fact, our treatments are safe, gentle, virtually pain-free and, effective. So, whether you are seeking labial or vulval rejuvenation after experiencing changes caused by childbirth or have simply entered a period of life where the natural aging process has taken its toll on your intimate organs, Dr. Anna brings you safe and effective solutions.

Our non-surgical solutions:

  • Laser (IntimaLase® and RenovaLase®)
  • Fat Transfer
  • Cosmetic Fillers

With our advanced Labial Rejuvenation solutions, you can achieve significant lifting and firming of labia majora and minora, without downtime, without pain and without surgery.


Every woman has the right to reclaim her younger or `pre-delivery` body and improve her most intimate body parts, thus restoring her self- satisfaction, and re-enjoying her intimate moments. Dr. Anna Sepiolo is one of the most experienced gynecologists with advanced nonsurgical labial and vulval rejuvenation technologies. She will help you revive your labial and vulval youthfulness and wellbeing.

At Dr. Anna Women’s Wellness Clinic, we will work closely together to ensure you have a relaxed, discreet, and enjoyable labial and vulval rejuvenation experience with obvious results you can be proud of.

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