Vaginal Threads Procedure is the key for a giant step back in time; a minimally invasive, fast-recovery technique used to repair the cosmetic and functional defects of the vagina and perineum pledging a long-term effect.

How Can a Vaginal Thread Lift Make You Feel Younger?

Fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, stray greys, loss of volume—if you have not noticed these visible signs of ageing, you know they are imminent. These facial changes are absolutely natural but there is another important part of your body that is ageing along with the skin and hair (that you may not realize): your vagina! Just like any other body part, the appearance of your vagina, the way it feels, and how it functions during intimate relations are all affected by the ageing process.

Nevertheless, these age-related changes do not have to make you feel out of sorts or leave you with an unsatisfactory intimate life. How well you take care of your vagina matters the most!

Nowadays, women across the globe are becoming self-attentive and more aware of the health-enhancing procedures made available by relentless scientific advances, with more and more women seeking perfection in their intimate area.

Many women live with dissatisfaction, pain, or deteriorated intimate pleasure due to the loosening of their vagina or enlarged and misshapen labia. They bear the brunt of frustration and negative body image because they do not know where to turn to or may feel too embarrassed to talk about this sensitive burden with friends or even their health care provider. A marked relaxation of the vaginal muscles that leads to an excessively wide vaginal entrance is a common occurrence among women who have given birth vaginally, had to undergo perineal incisions and suturing, or due to ageing.

Vaginal Narrower threads Procedure is the key for a giant step back in time; a minimally invasive, fast-recovery technique that can shave years off your age without the need for major surgery or any visible scars. The procedure is typically used to repair the cosmetic and functional defects of the perineum involving excessively dilated vaginal entrance. It pledges a long-term effect and does not hinder any future pregnancy or childbirth.

Vaginal Narrower threads represent a unique and highly advanced type of sutures that revolutionize the surgical approaches to the correction of a global female problem. Unlike conventional sutures that are smooth, those absorbable narrower threads possess tiny barbs (or cogs) with a special design in terms of their length, density and angling meant to exert both a lifting and a revitalizing effect. After insertion into the tissues, the barbs induce the development of fibrosis necessary to provide new support scaffolding for the soft tissues that lift and hold them in place.

How the Vaginal Narrower threads procedure is performed?

Performed as a day-care procedure, the Vaginal Narrower threads procedure is often done under local anesthesia (or general anesthesia in case of personal preference). No scalpels are applied at all during the procedure and the entire lifting process takes no more than 60 minutes. One hour after the procedure, you are discharged home and can immediately return to social life. Recovery is fast, and the threads typically dissolve within a few months, thus nothing foreign will remain in your birth canal.

It is recommended to avoid intimacy for 2-4 weeks after the procedure to allow for complete healing. Heavy lifting and strenuous sports activities should be also avoided for a month.

The results can be instantaneous for some women, but it needs several weeks to attain the full aesthetic and functional effects for the majority.

Aesthetic gynecology is one of the fastest-growing surgical fields worldwide, with women increasingly realizing that they do not have to live with any bodily change that is making them unsatisfied or unhappy. Tightening the vagina with the Vaginal Narrower threads can narrow the vaginal entrance, restore elasticity, strength, and functionality, thus allowing an aesthetic enhancement of the female genital organ, bringing back vivid sensations, and restoring confidence in intimate life.